Taboos, superstitions, myths and stigmas against duck production in south-west Nigeria
Oguntunji, A.O.
Date : 2014-12-23 Volume : 6

Diverse socio-cultural cum religious-related factors such as taboos, superstitions, stigmas and myths are principal factors affecting rearing, marketing and consumption of duck and its products in Nigeria. This study was conducted to identify and scientifically analyse some of the taboos, superstitions, stigmas and myths affecting duck production in southwest Nigeria. Primary information on the prevailing known taboos, superstitions, stigmas and myths surrounding ducks and its products were obtained from 300 duck farmers in southwest states of Oyo, Osun and Lagos. Scientific analyses of the information elicited from respondents revealed that preponderance of these ‘restricting factors’ were borne out of superstitions, stigmas and myths while few of them were ‘promulgated’ to protect and conserve ducks due to their perceived ‘weak’ nature. Mass awareness campaigns in print and electronic media by governmental and Non-governmental agencies are imperative to enlighten the public and to demystify the prevailing ‘restricting factors’ against duck production in Nigeria in general. 1416311791.php