The Effect of Crude Leaf Extracts of Moringa oleifera on the Bacterial, Nutritional and Sensory Properties of West African Soft Cheese
Badmos A.H.A., Ahmed El-Imam A.M. and Ajiboye D.J.
Date : 2014-06-26 Volume : 6

The objective of this study was to assay the bacterial status and nutritional-cum sensory properties of West African Soft Cheese treated with 3 levels (1%, 2% & 3%) of ethanol and ether extracts of Moringa oleifera leaf, using a 2*4 factorial design. The results indicated that 2% and 3% moringa leaf ethanol extract had the highest inhibitory potential against bacteria population (p<0.05). The proximate analysis revealed that 1% ethanol extract-treated samples had the highest levels of crude protein and ash while the control cheese had significantly higher moisture and fat content (p<0.05). Sensory analysis of the various samples revealed that analysts preferred the cheese preserved with 3 % ethanol extract. It can thus be concluded that the use of ethanol extract of moringa leaf as a Cheese preservative leads to improved microbial stability and nutritional quality, as well as higher sensory acceptability. 1400002484.php